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The brand is the brainchild of Vincenzo and Pasquale Anatriello, who has been pursuing the activity of Designers and Modelers in shoes for Italian and foreign companies.

The “A” for his idea came from a famous song of Renato Carosone, “Tu vuò fa l'americano”. We often follow distant models, believing that what is different from us sets trend and makes us fashionable. On the contrary, this keeps us away from our true identity and makes us unrecognizable.

Hence the idea is to rediscover our story and bring what our forefathers taught us up-to-date. This is the philosopy of “Naté in Italì”.

Everything tastes Italian tradition: leathers, linings, components, creativeness and handcraftsmanship.

Now more than ever we must make the most of our country's strong points to show that handcraftsmanship is not improvisation but work and devotion, research and labour, hours and hours devoted to a passion.

Vincenzo and Pasquale Anatriello

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Nate in Itali è un marchio di proprietà di Design & Styling di Vincenzo Anatriello

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